Spend Less Time Chasing Down Prospects

To Turn Referral Leads Into Clients. Faster.

Boost your law firm's growth by unlocking the potential of referral lead follow-ups with Acculead. Our specialized service offers an exceptional pathway to maximize the leads you're paying for from referral services like Lawyers.com and Martindale-Avvo.

Better connect with potential clients, creating a multitude of profitable conversion opportunities. We seamlessly merge state-of-the-art technology with personalized service to ensure that no lead falls through the cracks and every potential client is nurtured towards a prosperous professional relationship.

At Acculead, our in-depth understanding of evolving consumer behavior allows us to craft strategic follow-up methods to ensure your firm stands out in the crowd. We create bespoke follow-up strategies that naturally align with potential clients and their specific inquiries, all while maintaining the highest professional standards and preserving the personal touch your clients appreciate.

Our prowess extends beyond simply understanding lead management. At Acculead, we apply this knowledge to architect strategies designed to convert quality leads into long-term, loyal clients. Leveraging our referral lead follow-up service, you'll witness a transformative uplift in client acquisition, satisfaction, and retention, accelerating your firm's growth and boosting your revenue. Together, we can help you redefine success in your law practice.

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Our Approach to Booking More Consults

How would a 37% increase in consultations affect your firm?

Hyper Personalization

Personalized email and SMS messages play a critical role in converting leads into clients for a law firm. By understanding and addressing a client's specific needs, preferences, and context, you can tailor your communications effectively. This strategy, which transforms each message into a unique conversation, enhances engagement, builds trust, and improves client retention. This personalized approach, far from generic mass texting, fosters a positive client experience and increases the likelihood of lead conversion.

Frequency & Timliness

Frequency and timing are vital in a successful follow-up strategy. Overwhelming leads with excessive messages or poorly timed contact can lead to disinterest. Achieving a balance requires understanding your clients' habits and communication preferences. Analytics tools can assist in determining optimal email and SMS schedules to engage leads effectively and drive conversion. Ultimately, the aim isn't mere messaging—it's meaningful interaction that encourages conversion.

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Harnessing Technology

Automation is key in effective lead follow-ups. With apt technology, you can automate aspects of email and SMS communications, maintaining personalized touch. An automated system can swiftly acknowledge new leads with a welcome message and send updates or reminders to keep leads engaged. A robust automated system also supports customization and manual intervention, ensuring communications stay relevant to each client's unique needs.

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Measuring Success

Follow-up strategies require regular evaluation and customization to fit varying needs. Monitoring metrics like open rates, response rates, and conversion rates can guide the effectiveness of your email and SMS strategies. This data-driven approach helps refine tactics, adapt to feedback, and improve your follow-up efforts. Thus, the key to success lies not just in strategy implementation, but in its continuous improvement based on insights.

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Why You Need Help Managing Your Outreach

Something magical happens when you work with an agency who has sent over 3.7 MILLION emails on behalf of law firms across the country, spanning various areas of practice. You know how to produce results. And that's exactly what we do for our clients who have us handle their referral outreach.

Experience The Difference
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1. Spend Less Time Selling

You're a lawyer. And spending your time chasing to referral leads from third party sources is likely not the best use of your time. In fact, attorneys who work with services like Martindale-Nolo and Lawyers.com spend on average 5-7 hours each week chasing down leads. That's $8,500+/mo in billable hours wasted just reaching out to and following up with these leads. Surely you have a better use of that time.

2. Faster Than You'll Ever Be

Are you watching your inbox, waiting for these referral emails to come through? Probably not. But guess what? We are. Leverage a fully autonomous system which pings prospects the moment their referral hits your inbox. While you're in a deposition? Yup! Weekend? Email sent! Evening hours? Already messaged.

3. Right Message, Right Time

You might be an expert in your field, but are you an expert at knowing the right sequence of messages and information a prospect needs to receive before they retain an attorney? We've cracked the code and know the exact recipe to convert a referred prospect to a client who won't consider any other attorney solicitation.

4. Here, There and Everywhere

Just as important as knowing what to say to prospective clients, knowing when to say it is equally as impactful. Perfecting the timing of contact touch points comes as a result of sending millions of emails, relentlessly A/B testing send-related variables, and analyzing the data.

Featured Case Studies

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Lead Generation Testimonials

Real Clients. Real Results.

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“Need more leads? Let Acculead do their magic.”

A family law office in NYC is a competitive field and location. We've never been able to have a successful Google Ads campaign before in the past, because of the expensive PPC costs. Somehow the folks at Acculead managed to crack the Google code and we're now acquiring leads at a fraction of the cost before working with them.

Elizabeth Watkins

“Acculead helped us log our most profitable quarter ever”

If you're an attorney in a competitive market, do yourself a favor and at least speak with Acculead. Their insights are top-notch and their work quality is unmatched. Within three weeks of our working relationship we immediately noticed a difference in our intake volume. These guys are the real deal.

Matt Parker
Charlotte, NC

“The best marketing company we've ever worked with”

We all know how important it is to establish an online presence, right? The challenge is devoting the time to sit down, plan, and write the content. Between client meetings, hearings, and managing the firm itself, we weren't able to produce the content we wanted. Thankfully Acculead presented an affordable solution which actually produced results. We went from having zero organic web presence, to dominating our most valuable keywords in our target markets in less than 6 months. The added eyeballs and firm name recognition is easily worth 100X what we're paying. This is a no-brainer testimonial.

John Abramson
Albuquerque, NM
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