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How we helped this family law firm reduce their lead cost to $27

We exclusively managed the family law firm's Google Ads account, focusing on Search and Display campaigns.

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Project Timeline

90 days


Increased in ROI revenue

How we helped this family law firm reduce their lead cost to $27

Project Overview

A prominent family law firm specializing in all aspects of family law approached us to help them improve their lead generation efforts. They had been using Google Ads for their campaigns, but the cost per lead was too high, and they were not attracting the right clientele. Our objective was to optimize their Google Ads account to drive high-quality leads to their website and phone number, ultimately reducing their lead cost and increasing overall campaign efficiency.

Project Execution

Our team started with a thorough analysis of the law firm's existing Google Ads account, identifying areas where the campaigns could be optimized. The following steps were taken during the project execution:

  1. Keyword research: We conducted extensive keyword research to identify high-intent keywords relevant to family law. This allowed us to focus on the search terms with the highest potential to generate quality leads.
  2. Ad copy optimization: We rewrote the ad copy to better address the needs of potential clients and improve the click-through rate. We focused on creating compelling headlines and descriptions that highlighted the firm's expertise and emphasized their unique selling points.
  3. Geo-targeting: We refined the geographic targeting of the campaigns, focusing on the areas where the law firm had the most potential for growth.
  4. Negative keywords: We analyzed search term reports and added negative keywords to filter out irrelevant traffic and reduce wasted ad spend.
  5. Ad scheduling: We adjusted the ad scheduling to target peak days and hours when potential clients were most likely to search for family law services.
  6. Landing page optimization: We worked with the law firm to improve their landing pages, ensuring that they were user-friendly, informative, and encouraged visitors to take action (e.g., call the firm or fill out a contact form).


The results of our efforts were significant:

  1. The cost per lead decreased from $75 to $27, a 64% reduction.
  2. The number of qualified leads increased by 120%.
  3. The conversion rate improved by 50%.
  4. The overall ad spend was reduced by 25%.

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