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We'll have your competitors wondering where their leads went.

Think your referral sources are enough to 10X your firm's grow? Think again.

It's estimated that over 73% of people who need legal help start their search online, and 99% of the time, Google is their first stop. The takeaway? People are looking for specialized lawyers who can provide tailored services to their specific needs.

If your firm isn't advertising to these potential clients, who do you think they're going to find? Your competitors. They are strategically placing their firm in front of the right audience, at the right time, with the right messaging. And guess what? It's working for them.

Partnering with Acculead aligns you with an experienced agency that has generated over $1B in legal retainer fees for law firm clients.

If your firm isn't experiencing an annual growth rate of at least 20% you need to strongly consider Acculead's lead generation services.

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Our Approach to Google Ads

The intersection between experience, data science, and exceptional copywriting.

High Value Targeting

High-value targeting keywords in Google Ads campaigns are crucial for lead generation, as they ensure your ads reach relevant audiences, enhancing conversion rates and optimizing your return on investment.

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Optimal Use of Budget

Leveraging negative keywords, bid adjustments, and dayparting in Google Ads campaigns maximizes advertising spend efficiency, preventing irrelevant clicks, optimizing cost-per-click, and scheduling ads for peak engagement times, respectively—critical for effective lead generation.

Persona-Aligned Copy

Often times a Prospect joins your email list, SMS list, or follows/engages with your brand on social media without having ever purchased. These high-value audiences need to be uniquely engaged with in order to facilitate and encourage a conversion.

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High Converting LPs

Increasing CLTV, reducing churn, cross- and upselling are all levers that can be pulled once a Prospect has become a customer. A well-thought out approach to this stage of the funnel will allow for a prospect-turned-customer to become a net-promoter of your brand.

A Different Tier of Lead Generation

10X Your Client Intake With An Effective Lead Generation Campaign

Something magical happens when you work with an agency that has generated over $1B in retainers for law firm clients. You book more consults each week with clients who are actually ready to retain your services and who can actually pay your fees. No more tire-kickers and consultations that either go nowhere or end up wasting your time.

Experience The Difference

1. Better Quality Leads

Choosing AccuLead as your Google Ads management partner holds the promise of an exponential increase in both lead quality and volume. Our expertise lies in crafting ads with surgical precision, tailoring campaigns to resonate with your target audience and directing high intent individuals to your firm. Our deep understanding of law firms and their unique clientele, combined with our expertise in keyword research, ad copy writing, and audience targeting, allows us to filter out irrelevant traffic and attract prospects genuinely interested in your legal services.

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2. Higher Margin Case Types

Through targeted Google Ads campaigns, AccuLead enhances your law firm's profitability by focusing on high-margin legal services. We take the time to comprehend your business model, strategically aligning our campaign to emphasize those areas that offer the greatest returns. With our robust targeting techniques, your firm's visibility is elevated among potential clients seeking premium, high-value legal services. This method not only improves lead quality but also attracts a clientele willing to invest in more significant legal services, driving substantial revenue growth and optimizing your advertising ROI.

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3. Stop Relying on Referrals

Upgrade your law firm from having to rely on the unpredictable nature of referral-based clients for new business. By creating tailored ad campaigns, we connect you directly with potential clients actively seeking your legal services. This proactive approach ensures a consistent flow of high-quality leads, reducing your reliance on sporadic referrals. With our strategy, your firm will enjoy a steady stream of prospective clients, stabilizing your business and facilitating sustainable growth.

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4. No More Chasing Down Leads

Bypass the time-consuming and often fruitless pursuit of ill-suited leads. We construct ad campaigns tailored to your specific legal services and target clientele, ensuring that the leads generated are of high quality and relevance. This strategy effectively eliminates wasted time chasing down incompatible leads, allowing you to focus on serving clients who are the best fit for your expertise and services. The result is a more efficient use of your resources and a higher conversion rate.

Featured Case Studies

Have a sec? You'll want to read the client results.

Lead Generation Testimonials

Real Clients. Real Results.

Want to be on this wall?

“Need more leads? Let Acculead do their magic.”

A family law office in NYC is a competitive field and location. We've never been able to have a successful Google Ads campaign before in the past, because of the expensive PPC costs. Somehow the folks at Acculead managed to crack the Google code and we're now acquiring leads at a fraction of the cost before working with them.

Elizabeth Watkins

“Acculead helped us log our most profitable quarter ever”

If you're an attorney in a competitive market, do yourself a favor and at least speak with Acculead. Their insights are top-notch and their work quality is unmatched. Within three weeks of our working relationship we immediately noticed a difference in our intake volume. These guys are the real deal.

Matt Parker
Charlotte, NC

“The best marketing company we've ever worked with”

We all know how important it is to establish an online presence, right? The challenge is devoting the time to sit down, plan, and write the content. Between client meetings, hearings, and managing the firm itself, we weren't able to produce the content we wanted. Thankfully Acculead presented an affordable solution which actually produced results. We went from having zero organic web presence, to dominating our most valuable keywords in our target markets in less than 6 months. The added eyeballs and firm name recognition is easily worth 100X what we're paying. This is a no-brainer testimonial.

John Abramson
Albuquerque, NM
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