Ray Brown

Ray Brown

VP Operations & Chief Media Buyer

I'm all about Jazz music and absolutely dominating my weekly round of golf.

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Ray Brown

Hi!My name is Ray Brown, VP Operations and Chief Media Buyer here at ECG.

I’ve been working in advertising for over a decade; and have served in positions with both in-house teams and agencies alike! I have a passion for advertising that started as I was growing up in New York City, and has followed me down to Miami where I now live.

The guiding principle in all of my work is, “Simplicity is the key to timeless design.” This one statement is a guidon for the holistic approach to how I handle your digital presence; and has allowed me to develop innovative and proprietary methodologies and strategies that produce results. Nothing brings more satisfaction than seeing a client’s business grow and getting to see them experience the benefits of a highly sophisticated omni-channel marketing offering!

When not at work, you can find me at the nearest golf course trying to keep my handicap below a 10; or on the range hitting low stingers at the guy driving the range cart…sorry again, Andy. I also care deeply about ocean conservation and keeping our waters clean for future generations!