Daniel Ehrlich

Daniel Ehrlich

CEO & Chief Strategist

Obsessed with traveling abroad, WW2 audio books, and Sade (don't judge me).

About the 

Daniel Ehrlich

Hi, my name is Daniel and I am the managing director of Acculead. Before founding Acculead, I was hired as the VP of Marketing for one of the largest multi-national law firms in the world. During my time with that organization I was tasked completely overhauling our entire marketing efforts, integrating multiple systems for lead follow-up and processing, and launching new campaigns aimed to grow lagging departments.

A bit about me, personally -
My wife and I love to travel – we most recently visited Ireland and fell in love with the history, food, and people. I am an avid golfer and will occasionally pick up a tennis racquet when the Mrs. can’t find someone else with whom to rally. I love playing chess, listening to historic non-fiction audio books, and spicy food!

Background Experience

Accounting major turned advertiser, I base the success of everything we do here on Acculead on one simple guiding principle: Are our clients making more money than before they retained Acculead? So far the answer has been a resounding, 'Yes!'